La Flor de Nochebuena
Everyone and every culture has traditions they celebrate in the last few months of the year. Each tradition is special to the family and culture that celebrates it, however there are common threads that tie all of humanity together during this reflective time. One of these common traditions is decorating the house with the beautiful and festive Poinsettia flower. This 3D poster was designed to remind the American population where the flower originates from and why as a culture we need to be more open and friendlier to our neighbors.
This poster was chosen as a Judges Choice winner at the West Michigan AAF ADDY Awards in 2020.
The 3D element of this poster was created with colored card stock that was layered and carefully folded to create the internal few petals of this delicate flower. Rolls of green cardstock colored with a slight yellow wash were placed to be the flowers stigmata.
Process Peek:

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